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Why Learning Computer Science Skills When Kids are Young is Important

It can be easy to dismiss the important of computer science skills when your children are young.

The elementary and middle school years are busy and filled with extracurricular activities. Your children are trying to find what interests them. Often, parents are just trying to make it through the chaos. But, in between sports classes and music classes, it’s a good idea to add a computer science course to your child’s schedule. Your life is already busy, but kids benefit greatly from learning computer science skills. Still unconvinced? Let’s look at the many reasons computer science skills are a must for this generation.

Your Kids Live in a Computer-Driven World

Have you had the experience where you have to ask your kid how to do something on your smartphone or mobile device? If so, you are not alone. This generation of kids has grown up with technology and the internet – and they are often more versed at how to use it than their parents.

For example, recent statistics suggest the average age a child gets a smartphone is 10. Additionally, TechCrunch reports, “64% of kids have access to the Internet via their own laptop or tablet.” With mobile devices, our kids have a computer that fits in the palm of their hand.
Our world is only going to become more computer-driven as our children grow. Everyday technology, such as self-driving vehicles and robots, are becoming real possibilities. Simply teaching children computer science basics will help them live in the future world we are creating.

Computer Science Skills Will Help Them in the Classroom and Beyond

Kids who take computer science classes or attend coding camps learn to think and process information in a logical way. These computational skills build a great foundation when introduced at a young age and will take them far. Kids with computer science skills tend to succeed in academics. And, those students who excel in school will be admitted to the best colleges. Ultimately, parents want their children to learn and do well in school to prepare themselves for the future. As technology continues to move to the forefront in our society, jobs requiring computational skills are soaring. Therefore, having computer science skills will enable your child succeed in the workplace of the future.

Encourages Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Computer science encourages kids to solve problems. They must use problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they learn programming. For example, kids will have to work to discover what works and what does not work – and not only explain why, but find a solution that does work.

Inspires Kids to Think Logically and Analytically

When it comes to how to learn computer science, logic is key. If your child struggles with sequencing, computer science classroom training that involves programming will teach your kid how to use logic to put the steps in order. Additionally, as children begin to see how and why codes work, they begin to understand how the technology they use every day works.

Allows Kids to be Creative

Unfortunately, some people equate computer science with boredom. This is far from the truth! Computer classes for kids open the doors for creativity! These classes put the power and magic of technology into their hands. Across the US, kids are embracing things like Minecraft and Maker Spaces for this very reason.

Helps Kids Learn to See the Beauty in Their Mistakes

If your child is a perfectionist or one who is quick to give up, taking a computer science class may show him/her a new way to look at mistakes. Studying computer science practically requires students to make mistakes in order to learn from them. These challenges will make them work harder to solve the puzzle to get the right result.

Forces Kids to Focus

Kids cannot multitask when it comes to coding or programming. They need to focus and use their computational skills to solve a problem. Since kids love using technology, computer classes give them the opportunity to focus on something they enjoy in a new way. They will no longer simply play the game on their phone; they will discover how it works and how to make it work better!

Builds Confidence

Learning computer science skills is also a way to boost a child’s self-esteem. When kids learn how to solve problems independently, they feel more confident. More confidence means they will be willing to try new things and take risks.

One last thing…

While it is obvious that computer science skills help kids in math and science, these skills also help with reading and writing. The analytical skills and sequencing skills that are required in computer science classes are essential for success in language classes as well.

It’s easy to see why your child will benefit from learning computer science skills. If you’re wondering what age to start, it really depends on your child’s interest and desire. We find some children are ready for a computer coding class as early as 7 years old, but the average age when it really ignites their curiosity is 9-10 years old.

The more difficult task – finding a class or camp to attend!

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