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Why Kids are Begging Parents to sign them up for Coding Camps

Coding camps are more than a fad.

With more parents recognizing the benefits of coding for kids, they are enrolling their kids in coding classes and programs to stay ahead of the curve. But, what many parents fail to realize is that they don’t have to force their kids to attend these coding camps. In fact, it is just the opposite. Many kids are begging their parents to sign them up for coding classes.

Our kids are engaging with technology on a daily basis and are seeing firsthand how learning to use technology makes a difference in their lives. And, they love it! For instance, Hour of Code, a special initiative that aims to show just how fun and accessible computer science can be, notes that 54% of students like their computer science and engineering courses the most.

The STEM movement has brought coding for kids and programming for kids to the forefront. You may have noticed that not only are your kids participating in STEM classes at school, but STEM toys and products are also becoming more popular than ever before. As TechCrunch explains, “The theory at least is that if kids are having fun with technology, they’re more likely to be inspired by the topic and want to learn more.”

When you combine all this information with summer camps that are geared towards these types of fun, educational activities, it makes perfect sense. To help you understand the appeal of coding camps, let’s look at some of the main reasons kids are drawn to them.

Minecraft, Robots, Animation, Games – Need I Say More?

Coding for children is, to put it simply, fun! Coding camps allow kids to “play” while learning complex computer science skills. For example, Minecraft is soaring in popularity because kids love playing it. Minecraft gives kids the opportunity to use their brains creatively. But, that is not all. Coding camps are available for the students who are fascinated by robots, animation, or computer games.

Embraces the Technology They Already Know and Love

Coding camps for kids are aimed at teaching kids how to master the skills for the technology they already know and love. Our kids live in a technology-driven world. Today’s kids have grown up with technology and learn how to use it quickly. They love their mobile devices, their cell phones, their computers, and their video games.

Psychology Today reports, “In the United States alone, an estimated 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls play video games with 97 percent playing at least one hour per day.” Since kids are playing games, why not go ahead and teach them how they are made? Coding camps offer various themes, like game coding, focusing specifically on the things they love.

Socialize with Like-Minded Friends

Isn’t one of the best parts of summer camps making new friends? If you imagine your child will be sitting alone staring at a computer screen, you have the wrong idea! Coding classes for kids involve teamwork and socialization. They get the opportunity to work alongside teammates to solve problems. Additionally, coding camps help kids find others who are interested in STEM-related activities.  

Provides Healthy Challenges

The best way to learn is to face healthy challenges. Coding camps provide just the right amount of challenge without overwhelming them. Kids love coding and programming because it involves problem-solving. It is like working on a puzzle. They will work hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. But, what sets coding apart from other challenges and motivates kids is that the end result is something they can see.

A Creative and Safe Environment

Coding camps for kids provide a creative and safe environment. Coding and programming for kids are imaginative. They get to use their imaginations along with their computer science skills to bring things to life. And, because coding classes are aimed at encouraging kids to learn and have fun, kids feel safe taking risks. If they make a mistake, it is an opportunity to learn something and make improvements.

Builds Confidence

Kids also love coding because it builds their confidence. When they learn how to “make” the computer “do” something on their own, they feel proud. And, they should! Each time they learn a new coding or programming skill, they will feel more confident. And, more confidence leads to higher self-esteem.

For instance, coding is no longer something just for the boys. Girls Who Code is an organization with the aim to close the gender gap in technology. As described in Ted Ed, “When girls learn programming skills, they become change agents.” The founder of the movement noted that many young female programmers are using their skills to impact their communities in positive ways.

Plus, Girl Scouts recently added 23 Girl Scout badges for STEM journeys that empower girls to use engineering, computer programming, and scientific thinking. These STEM journeys include opportunities for girl scouts to explore robotics, programming, and mechanical engineering.

Not to be Forgotten

Coding is fun, and is a skill your child needs to succeed in the future. The kids who learn coding skills at a young age and embrace technology will be ahead of their peers.

Want to help your kids discover the joys of coding? Sign them up for summer coding camp with TechVenture Kids today!


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