2020 Summer Code Camps in Issaquah

Don’t let Covid-19 get you down! Good News – we will have LIVE IN-PERSON CAMPS in July and August in the Issaquah Highlands.

Summer is nearly here.. warm weather, swimming, barbecues and SUMMER CODE CAMP.  Summer is about getting outdoors AND having time to learn subjects we’re curious about. Our specialty is guiding kids in learning to create with technology. In our summer stem kids code camp, campers learn while testing testing their own Minecraft Mods, coding new games or exploring how computers work. Girls and boys learn, play, and collaborate in hands-on learning. Best of all, they gain confidence as they learn to meet challenges. Kids have fun exploring and creating the world of technology with Minecraft, Scratch, Python, Wonder robots and Piper Computer Kits.

Kids Learn to Code with TechVenture

TechVenture Code with Minecraft Classes

Minecraft Mod Coding – Survival & Build

Ages: 8-13, beginner – intermediate
Issaquah Highlands:  August 17-21
ONLINE Camps: Jun 29, Jul 13, Jul 27

Minecraft is our platform of choice for game-play learning. It’s an open and immersive learning environment where game-play gives students immediate and ongoing feedback about their choices. The Minecraft: Education Edition offers an engaging environment for learning computer science essentials, such as conditionals, functions, coordinates and more.  Students can choose to code with visual blocks or directly with Python, and are challenged daily as they solve problems and collaborate together. Learning happens by doing. No previous coding experience required. Our coaches guide students at all skill levels in live virtual classrooms or in-person at our camps in Issaquah. 

TechVenture Kids Computer Camp with Piper and Minecraft

Build a Computer with Minecraft

Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate
Issaquah Highlands:  August 17-21

Get ready to level-up your real-world hardware and coding skills in TechVenture’s dynamic Build & Code camp. Girls and boys delve into the thrilling world of engineering with the challenge of writing code.  To learn more about how and why computers work, we’ve chosen Piper computer kits. Campers build this mini computer together, and then assemble electronics and circuits to solve puzzles and challenges within a Minecraft adventure game. On the last day, students continue hands-on building with Edison robots. These hand-held robots bring computer science to life when students must build and code to help their bots complete various tasks. Daily snack breaks and unplugged activities keep minds and bodies engaged. All equipment provided.

TechVenture CODE CAMP

Scratch Game Coding: Level 1-3

Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate
Issaquah Highlands:  July 27-31
ONLINE Camps: Jun 29, Jul 06, Jul 20, Aug 03

Calling all storytellers and innovators! Make animated stories and arcade games with Scratch, a drag-and-drop creative learning environment. In this camp, kidssequence code blocks to bring their ideas to life, gaining confidence in computational thinking. Girls and boys design and program computer games, animations and code their robots to solve mini real-world challenges.  Campers develop essential STEM skills through game design and play, exercising reasoning, math, and problem-solving.  Daily snack and play breaks along with unplugged activities keep minds and bodies engaged. All equipment provided. 

TechVenture Kids Learn to Code camps

Code Camp Jr

Ages: 6-8, beginner – intermediate
Issaquah Highlands:  August 17-21

Do you like games, stories and animations? Then it’s time to experience TechVenture’s Code Camp Junior, where young campers are introduced to the thrill of creating animated stories and controlling robots using code. Coding gives children the ability to understand how to “tinker” and shape their digital world. Engaged in multiple activities each day,  campers experience using platforms like Scratch Jr, CodeSpark and Wonder Robots. They create their own interactive stories on tablet computers and work together programming robots to  dance, navigate paths and more. They focus on sequencing, and problem-solving while they play and explore. Unplugged activities complement technology learning, reinforcing concepts. Daily snack/play breaks keep kids’ minds and bodies moving. All equipment provided.

TechVenture Kids Code Robot Junior

Code-a-Bot Junior

Ages: 6-8, beginner – intermediate
Issaquah Highlands:  August 17-21

Is your child curious about robots? Robots are a fantastic tool for engaging kids in understanding technology.  TechVenture’s Code-a-Bot Junior Camp combines robots with coding to ignite children’s imaginations & build confidence in how they look at the world and approach problems.  This camp is all about hands-on time for kids to design, build and code a variety of lively robots from Wonder and Ozobot. Young learners use creativity when customizing their own solutions to several robot challenges, developing their skills in reasoning, math, creativity and problem-solving.  Engaging unplugged activities with daily snack/play breaks keep minds and bodies active and moving.

Learn Python with TechVenture Kids

PYTHON Game Coding: Level 1 & 2

Ages: 10-13, beginner – intermediate
Issaquah Highlands:  Jul 20-24, Aug 17-21
ONLINE Camps: Jul 06, Jul 20, Aug 03, Aug 10

Ready to learn why Python is a popular programming language? This is the camp for you. Python is an easy-to-learn and dynamic language that is widely used by software developers and scientists in machine learning, banking, scientific computing, and video games. Through game development, campers learn Python syntax and practice core coding concepts. Projects range from quizzes and guessing games, to graphical coding. All levels are welcome, and no experience is necessary. Our coaches guide students at all skill levels. All equipment provided.