Two kids reading a monitor with the words "summer camp" on it

Code Camps are Among Kids Favorite Summer Camps

Summertime is just around the corner, and with it comes all the excitement of long carefree summer days our kids love. We all love them too; weekends at the lake, evening barbecues with the family gathered around, and lots of fun activities on those anticipated days off. Even after all that, there is still a lot of time to use up. Are you considering a summer camp? Maybe several summer camps? There are lots to choose from, but how do you know which ones are right for your child?

Finding the Right Summer Camp for Your Kids

Two kids reading a monitor with the words "summer camp" on itTrying to find a camp with the right mix of fun and learning is not always easy. We want our children to have fun, because that is what kids do best. On the other hand, we’d all love it if the fun went hand in hand with learning and keeping their intellect, imagination, and curiosity engaged and active.  We all know our children want to be someplace during their time off that doesn’t smack of schoolwork and that they’ll enjoy and want to return to repeatedly.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were someplace you could take your children to that can teach them valuable problem solving skills, teamwork, collaboration, be lightly sprinkled with a bit of academic learning, and still have them clamoring to go back?  Relax. The perfect place does exist, and it exists in the form of a Summer Code Camp that will carry on and expand on the learning your child has done all year in a classroom, bringing together the elements of STEM learning with everything your child loves to do.

Summer Coding Camps are Like Summer Camp 2.0

Summer camp may bring up memories of musty cabins, bad food, and boring activities for you, but they’ve come a long way in the last few decades. Think about your child and all the things they love to do.  I’d be willing to bet that at the top of that list is computer games, video games, streaming, and making or watching computer animated videos.  Summer Coding camps are the new generation of summer camps, and they are how tech-savvy and adventurous kids would love spending their summer days when they need to have a place to go and spend some quality time that will satisfy both the parents and the kids themselves.

Colorful letters spelling "STEM"The opportunities for adventure are endless in these summer camps.  Does your child love to play Minecraft? Do you know what a MOD is? I bet your kids do – it’s a tweak or change to the standard Minecraft game world, where players create new behaviors, structures and characters. By coding their own Mods, kids take their love of open Minecraft play to the next level. There’s a summer code camp for that.  Maybe you have a budding electronics specialist in your household who loves to take things apart and tinker and learn how to put it back together again, only better?  There’s a summer camp for that.

If your child leans more towards a creative artistic bent and the idea of having a camera in their hand to capture the summer adventures to share with their friends and family would be their idea of a perfect summer, never fear. There’s a summer camp for that too. And let’s not forget robots – they are becoming more ubiquitous in our everyday lives, no longer reserved for the automotive industry and Mars discoveries. Kids are curious and want to know how they can control their own robots. There’s a summer code camp for that too.

Learning doesn’t need to stop when the school bell rings for the final time in June. Lifelong learning, especially when it begins early, gives our children the head start they need to succeed in our fast paced technologically advanced society we live in. Thanks to Summer Camps and Summer Coding Camps, fun doesn’t need to stop when the learning starts.

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