Until we get back to the classroom – come explore STEM coding and engineering with us online at home.


Our Virtual Code Clubs are the perfect, home-based option for kids seeking guidance, fun and collaboration while learning something new with friends.  Best of all, they gain confidence as they learn to meet challenges. In online stem code clubs, kids have fun exploring and creating animations and games with Minecraft, Scratch, and Python.


Kids can take home a lego kit or computer building kit and learn hands-on at home with weekly learning support online. May require some parental support.

Live Instructors – 1 Hour Weekly

Experienced  instructors establish a comfortable environment to encourage learning and exploration with cool new projects, video lessons and 1-hour video conferencing classes. This enables your child to interact with the instructor as much as they would in person. Video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities allow teachers to work with students in a group as well as individually.

Small Group

Online clubs have a maximum of 8 students per teacher. To support students learning at their own pace, instructors provide individual support with project design, code and debugging to each student.

Continued Learning

An added bonus: students can continue on their own to create with code using the learning platforms at home between classes.

TechVenture Build with Minecraft

HYBRID: Build Computer Kit w/Minecraft

Grades: 3-6
Jan 6-Feb 10, Wednesdays
Fee: $199 + refundable deposit for kit

Prerequisites: Minecraft play experience recommended

Get ready to explore real-world hardware with the Piper Computer Kit.  Students build a mini computer, and then assemble electronics and circuits to solve puzzles and challenges within a raspberry Pi Minecraft adventure game. Students explore additional circuit coding challenges. Instructor will schedule computer kit pickup/drop-off before start of class.

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Tech Venture Kids Learn to Code

HYBRID: Code & Build – Make Game Controllers

Grades: 2-4
Jan 6 -Feb 10, Wednesdays
Fee: $175 + refundable deposit for Lego WeDo kit

Students in this class will be learning to code using Scratch and Lego WeDo “Robotics” Kit. This will be a fun-filled, hands on class for kids, whether they are new to coding or experienced, and interested in learning how things work. Students will deepen their understanding of computers by linking to the sensors and motors. We’ll build with Lego Kits and code in Scratch then use bluetooth links to control our Lego creations OR even use our Lego creations to control our Scratch games! The instructor will schedule a Wedo 2 Kit pickup/drop-off before the start of class for local students who do not have their own kit.

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TechVenture Kids Minecraft Modding

Minecraft Mod Coding – WINTER CAMP only

Grades: 3-6
Dec 21-23: Winter Survival
Dec 28-30: Snowball Fight
Fee: $115

Winter is coming…How long can you survive in Minecraft?

In our 3-day winter workshops, students learn to code commands to survive in a snow biome, and fight off mobs with an epic snowball fight. Whether you’re new to Minecraft mods or have taken a class with us before, this winter workshop explores unique mod coding challenges, where students are inspired to control the rules of their survival Minecraft world with code. We use Microsoft’s  Minecraft Education platform to provide an immersive learning experience for coding, play testing and collaboration with other players.  Our workshops and classes develop 21st Century problem-solving and collaboration skills.

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TechVenture Kids Python Workshop


Grades: 4-6
Dec 21-23: Winter Animations, Dec 28-30: Polar Bear Rescue
Jan-Feb, Python 1 and 2, Wednesdays
Fee: $115 – $150

Level up!  Python is an easy-to-learn and dynamic language that is widely used by software developers and scientists in machine learning, banking, scientific computing, and video games. Start with the basics in our Intro to Python and continue deeper into Python creating winter games, animations and classic arcade games too! New projects build upon coding concepts each class, deepening students  understanding of loops, conditionals, functions and lists and the basics of game physics. Our instructors support and coach students via a daily virtual classroom as they try, fail, and try again to achieve the result they want. 

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