Learn to Code with Minecraft

Practice computer programming using blockly and javascript

Class Overview

In TechVenture Kids’ LEARN TO Code with Minecraft course, your kids and teens explore how to change a Minecraft world –  how to mod it! Using ThoughtSTEM’s online modding studio, students are guided through an interactive curriculum,  practicing fundamental coding concepts while learning how to code Mods and test them in a Minecraft world. Students earn badges and achievements as they advance through the interactive curriculum.

In this course, students engage in individual exercises, collaborative projects and classroom discussions. All students start as Level 1 Novice Modders, but advance through higher, more challenging Levels as they create more Mods and  attend more sessions. Students are also encouraged to login to the Learn to Mod studio at home and to continue leveling up.

This coding course is ideal for students who love to play Minecraft and want to go a step beyond to begin understanding the programmer’s perspective and fun of creating in a virtual world.

We accept beginner-intermediate level coders. Student min: 8, max: 16.  We provide the laptops.

STEM & Life Skills

    1. Computational Thinking and Programming
    2. Applying Math Concepts in Game Design
    3. Problem Solving & Exploration
    4. Sequencing & Logic
    5. Collaboration with Peers and Instructors
    6. Creative Expression
    7. Presentation & Feedback

What students say

The Minecraft camp was really cool. I learned a ton and the teachers helped me whenever I asked. I can’t wait for the second level class!

Aidan T, age 12

To make little things happen can take a lot of effort. Minecraft (programs) must be very complicated!

Hayden K, age 8

I love this ‘Let’s Code Minecraft Mod’ so much that I don’t like it is the last class today.

Siddharth S, age 10

Let’s Code Minecraft Mod club was fun. Teachers did an amazing work making kids understand how to mod in Minecraft. I would love to make a video game myself when I am in college and this club has been my stepping stone.

Kassie G, age 10

Matthew enjoyed this whole week with you. Not only because it was Minecraft – but he thought you and your two assistants were very pleasant and so helpful. He has never enjoyed camp that much, but this whole week he was enthusiastic about it! That says a lot.

Bernie S, parent

This club was good. You should mess around with your mod to see if it works. I knew a lot of the stuff already but this club helped me learn more advanced commands and understand coding a little deeper. I loved it.

Ethan T, age 12

You will learn a lot of cool modding stuff if you joined this club. You would literally break the physics of Minecraft. I would love to come back to this club again.

Edward R, age 9

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