Intro to Engineering with Minecraft

Make a Computer, Play Minecraft

Class Overview

In TechVenture Kids’ Intro to Engineering with Minecraft, kids explore how to build their own computer and learn the basics of computing devices using PiperCraft, a computer kit for exploring electronics and engineering. Kids will follow an adventure game map to assemble the electronics, solve in-game puzzles and challenges in a MINECRAFT world.

The Piper Kit is a really cool toolbox based on Raspberry Pi (hardware) and a Minecraft Mod (software) with several levels  based on a story. In each level there is a challenge that requires a physical build on the components provided, including motion detectors, a proximity sensor with an LED strip, switches to control bridges and hidden doors, and more.

In this class, students work in teams to build the computer and solve the electronics challenges together. Students will also have the opportunity to explore Scratch and Python programming with the Raspberry Pi and other peripherals.

Student min: 10, max: 18.  We provide the Piper Kits and all materials.

What students say

Putting it (Piper) together was really hard, but it was cool to build a computer…get stuck, try something else…and doing it with Minecraft was fun!

Lindsey K, age 8


Piper is pretty cool – we can build it and play in different modes and worlds. It was fun doing it with a friend.

Aum S, age 9

STEM & Life Skills

    1. Intro to circuits and electronics
    2. Physically assemble computer kit
    3. Problem Solving & Exploration
    4. Sequencing & Logic
    5. Collaboration with Peers and Instructors
    6. Creative Expression

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