Intro to Coding with Scratch and JavaScript

Class Overview

In TechVenture Kids’ Introduction to Coding Club, kids explore how to design and program their own computer games and animations. Working in MIT’s SCRATCH 2.0 visual drag and drop programming environment.  Students engage in fun coding projects and are encouraged to collaborate and present their projects to others.

Projects and Instruction for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced!

We provide curriculum for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Scratchers, whether students are just beginning along their journey into coding with Scratch, or want to deepen their understanding of key concepts of sequencing, functions, control loops, conditions, debugging and more.

Student min: 12, max: 20.  We provide the laptops.

STEM Enrichment

  1. Programming
  2. Math concepts
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Storyboarding
  5. Collaboration
  6. Creativity
  7. Presentation

What students say

Scratch is so cool!  You can make things just the way you want them.

Sam W, age 8

I love scratch club! I love making games and learning how to create new things.

Aidan N, age 8

The reason I like Scratch is it allows for a lot of creativity and I am a creative girl so I enjoy it!  It’s fun to make different stories, lists, mazes and games.

Dani V, age 9

I like Scratch Class is because it is really fun and we can learn how to program and that can help when we are older.

Suditi B, age 10

WoofJS make text programming cool.

Varun S. age 11

My son looks forward to attending Scratch Club after school each week …he enjoys creating his own video games and collaborating on projects.  As a parent, I am thrilled he is learning logical thinking and an introduction to programming. 

Michelle B, parent