Are you curious about robots? In this K – 2 Robotics Club, we combine robots with coding to ignite children’s imaginations & build confidence in how they look at the world and approach problems.  We’ll explore how to build and program robots using various platforms such as Lego WeDo, Wonder Robots or Ozobots, depending on student skill, experience and interest.

Students learn AI and how robots are only as smart as they make them, both in physical design and computer code. That’s what we practice – making our robots act smart!   Students work together as they develop their skills in reasoning, math, creativity and problem-solving in a fun, collaborative and supportive environment. Our progressive curriculum supports students with beginner- intermediate computer  programming skills.

9 classes,  70 minutes per class

Techventure provides the computers and robots for use in class.

Student min: 12, max: 16




September 26 - December 12

3:50 pm - 5:00 pm

9 weeks


All tickets are sold out. Please join our waitlist.