Grades: 4-6
Pre-requisite: Python 1 or working knowledge of basic Python constructs and syntax

Dec 28-30, 11:00am – 12:30pm

In our 2nd winter python coding workshop, we’ve chosen a winter themed polar bear snowball game for this 3-day workshop. Students learn the basics of event-driven game mechanics by avoiding obstacles, fighting enemies and rescuing a polar bear. While doing so, they develop their skills further in sequencing, Python syntax and problem solving.

Our instructors support and coach students via a daily virtual classroom as they try, fail, and try again to achieve the result they want. 

Skills Learned:

  • Use programming logic and math
  • Practice Python syntax and constructs 
  • Apply event-driven programming concepts to simple games

Online Club Requirements:

  • Mac or Windows PC
  • WebCam
  • Internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing

TechVenture Clubs:

  • TechVenture Certified Instructor
  • Max 8 students per instructor, balancing personalized learning and time to socialize
  • 1.5 hour of direct instruction online daily with optional continued learning outside of class






December 28 - December 30

1.5 hours daily


Details Price Qty
Single Ticket $120.00 (USD)  
Siblings Ticket $108.00 (USD)