Grades:  2-4
Beginner – Intermediate
6 weeks, Wednesdays, 2-3pm

In this hybrid TechVenture Kids class “Online Hybrid Code & Build – WeDo Scratch“, we will be learning to code using the creative development platform SCRATCH and combining code with the things we can build with the Lego WeDo 2 kit.  This Lego Wedo 2 kit with it’s motors, sensors and Lego blocks, is available to borrow from TechVenture Kids for the duration of this class.  Just include your fully refundable deposit when registering and we’ll contact you to arrange delivery of the kit before class starts.

Each week of this code club, girls and boys meet “virtually” to learn about computer science, creating hands-on projects on their own computer with a live, experienced instructor.  Students design and code their own animations and games to share with classmates, friends and family.  We’ve added a few projects to include lessons in engineering and building creatures that can be controlled with our Scratch programs, as well as building devices that can control our Scratch games!   With cool new projects, video lessons and live video conferencing, we challenge students to go beyond their comfort level, practicing creativity and computer programming.

Our VIRTUAL CODE CLUB  is the perfect, home-based option for kids needing educationally enriched activities, experienced instructor guidance, plus the peer to peer encouragement and socializing that kids have always enjoyed in our after school classrooms.  The online course includes 6 hours of scheduled instruction and students can create with code and the WeDo at their own pace or with friends using this freeware and their new knowledge from class anytime during the weeks.

Students Learn: 

  • Creative Problem solving
  • Sequence and Logic
  • Design and sprite animation
  • If-else statements and control loops
  • Intro to Variables
  • Intro to the engineering design process

Online Camp Requirements:

  • Mac or Windows PC with downloaded Scratch Link
  • WebCam
  • Internet connection with access to Scratch 3.0 and Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Lego Wedo 2 kit (borrow from us with refundable deposit)

TechVenture Camps:

  • TechVenture Certified Instructor
  • Max 8 students per instructor, balancing personalized learning and time to socialize
  • a total of 6 hours of direct instruction, unlimited use of kits for the session

 Learning Platform: Scratch, Lego WeDo2

Prerequisite:  none




January 06 - February 10


6 weeks

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