In this TechVenture 5-week Online PYTHON Code class, middle school students go beyond block coding and learn to code with Python programming language. Python is an easy-to-learn and dynamic language that is widely used by software developers and scientists in machine learning, banking, scientific computing, and video games. Through game development, campers learn Python syntax and practice core coding concepts. Projects range from quizzes and guessing games, and an intro to graphical coding.

Grades: Incoming 6th to 8th 


Skills Learned:

  • Use programming logic and math
  • Learn Python syntax and constructs such as arrays and objects
  • Apply event-driven concepts to simple games

Online Club Requirements:

  • Mac or Windows PC
  • WebCam
  • Internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing

TechVenture Clubs:

  • TechVenture Certified Instructor
  • Max 7 students per instructor, balancing personalized learning and time to socialize
  • 1 hour of direct instruction per week, plus 1-2 hours self-paced project work at home each week





Wednesday or Thursday

June 03 - July 01

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

5 weeks


Virtual Club


Details Price Qty
Wednesday 3:30pm $120.00 (USD)  
Thursday 2:30pm $120.00 (USD)