Grades: 6-8
Prerequisite: Minecraft play experience 

Thursday, 4:30-5:30pm

How long can you survive in Minecraft? What if you could create your own super power pack or code an agent to protect you?  In this exploration into mod coding, students are inspired to control the rules of their survival Minecraft world with code. Using Microsoft’s   Minecraft Education platform, we provide an immersive learning experience where students learn to use code and their survival instincts to create their own pack of survival tools. Students can choose to code with blockly or python and can collaborate with one another in a multiplayer world. Instructors support and coach students via a virtual classroom, as they try, fail, and try again to achieve the result they want. During this 7 week journey online, students learn the fundamentals of computer science and exercise 21st Century problem-solving and collaboration skills. 

Students Learn:

  • Creative mod planning and sequencing
  • Event-driven programming
  • Variables and math operators
  • If-else statements and control loops

Online Camp Requirements:

  • Mac or Windows PC that can support Minecraft Education Edition 
  • WebCam
  • Internet connection and Zoom Video Conferencing or Google Meetings
  • MEE account will be provided to all students by TechVenture Kids

TechVenture Online Camps:

  • TechVenture Certified Instructor
  • Max 8 students per instructor, balancing personalized learning and time to socialize
  • 1 hour of direct instruction online weekly with optional continued learning outside of class

Technology: Minecraft Education Edition.





October 22 - December 03


7 weeks