In TechVenture Kids after-school Create with Code Plus, girls and boys explore designing and creating their own games and mods!

Kids practice the core concepts of computer programming using the SCRATCH development platform as well as Microsoft’s MINECRAFT EDUCATION platform. With new projects given at each session for different skill levels, students can express their creativity and advance as a coder. Through these fun coding projects and challenges, students exercise STEM skills in creativity, reasoning, math, design and problem-solving. Students are also encouraged to collaborate and present or share their projects with others. This coding club is open to all levels, beginner – advanced.

Our progressive curriculum enables students to move to the next level after just 1-2 sessions.

Experienced with Coding?
For students experienced with Scratch or other platforms, we assess their coding skills on the first day of class. This will ensure we give them appropriate projects for their Level: 1+, 2 or 3.

SCRATCH is a popular learning platform because it’s easy to use and enables students to advance their skills deeper to create complex games.  MINECRAFT EDUCATION Edition is a new coding platform that fosters creative and collaborative learning in children. With so many great learning platforms available today – it’s no surprise kids are excited to create with code!

Student enrollment min: 10, max: 12

Technology: MIT’s Scratch and Microsoft’s Minecraft Education Edition

We provide student accounts for use in Minecraft Education Edition during class.
No additional purchase necessary

7 classes, 75 minutes per class (no class 4/17, 5/8*) *note:   May 8th is a school day, but code club will not be held that day.





April 03 - May 29

2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

7 weeks


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