In this code club, Intro to Coding Minecraft Mods, students practice fundamental coding concepts while learning how to code basic Mods and test them in a Minecraft simulated world. In this course, students engage in a self-paced online tutorial, challenge exercises, “unplugged” activities, collaborative projects and classroom discussions. This coding club is ideal for students who love to play Minecraft and want to begin understanding how even the simplest MODs are programmed. Beginner-intermediate level coders are welcome to join us for a fun and challenging code club!

Technology: Learn to Mod by ThoughtSTEM, a visual drag ‘n drop platform

8 sessions, 90 minutes per session. We provide the laptops and a light snack.

Student Enrollment: Min 8, Max 18


3 - 5


October 18 - December 13

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

8 weeks

Central room