TechVenture Kids Classes

…where kids imagine, design and learn to code

Our Methodology

TechVenture Clubs and Camps build on kids’ natural curiosity and affinity for technology and game play, we constructively direct their motivation by offering short, flexible lessons and instructor-led demonstrations with lots of class participation; followed by longer blocks of practice time (hands-on coding) on projects created by TVK for specific age and experience levels. Our unique approach to learning and using technology emphasizes the importance of good story-telling, logical narratives, and written communications skills. We teach these skills through the medium of designing and creating computer games and animations.

Work time within the club allows for individual work on the project or working in collaboration with others in the room. Furthering the club experience, we teach appropriate ways to give and receive feedback. We also encourage club members to mentor and share with others.

What Kids Learn

1. Programming / programming concepts
2. Linear thinking and problem solving
3. Engineering and Electronics
3. Applied math skills
4. Social skills through collaboration and feedback, both giving and receiving
5. Oral and Written Communications skills through project storyboard and presentations

Classes we offer

Make Computer Games

Create with Code

In this popular program, students learn the basics of coding by creating animations and digital games using the drag ‘n drop programming “blocks” of MIT’s Scratch! They develop their skills in reasoning, math, creativity and problem-solving in a fun and collaborative environment.  This program is designed for students at multiple skill levels, beginner thru advanced.

Experienced with Scratch?
For students experienced with Scratch, we assess their coding skills on the first day of class. This will ensure we give them appropriate projects for their Level: 1+, 2 or 3. We want our students to be challenged and have fun learning at any level. For middle school students, we introduce them to WoofJS, a Scratch-inspired Javascript library for making games.

C01 Grades K-2 Code Junior
C02 Grades 3-6 Create with Code
C03 Grades 6-8 Beyond Basics into JS

Learn to Code with Minecraft

Learn to Code with Minecraft

In this code club, Learn to Code Minecraftstudents practice fundamental coding concepts while learning how to code basic Mods and test them in a Minecraft simulated world, using Learn to Mod, an online modding studio. In this course, students engage in individual exercises, collaborative projects and classroom discussions. This coding club is ideal for students who love to play Minecraft and want to begin understanding how even the simplest MODs are programmed.  We accept beginner-intermediate level coders.

M02 Grades 3-6* Learn to Code with Minecraft I and II
M03 Grades 6-9 Learn to Code with Minecraft I and II and III
M04 Ages 8-14  Code with Minecraft Camp

Build & Code with Minecraft

Build & Code with Minecraft

Wonder how a computer works? Learn the basics of computing devices using Piper, a computer kit that teaches engineering. Students truly learn while they play, navigating through a series of adventure maps by assembling their own electronics, and learning to code circuits too!
P01 Grades 3-6  Build & Code with Minecraft
P02 Ages 8-11    Build & Code with Minecraft Camp

Robotics Coding

Learn to Code with Robots

Kids learn through play. In this class, we combine a real robot with coding to ignite children’s imagination, building confidence in how they look at the world and approach problems.  Using different robots like Make Wonder’s Dash and Dot or Ozobot, students learn to program their robots to do anything they imagine, from delivering a message, creating a dance party, navigating an obstacle course, and more.

RP01 Grades K-2  Robotics Junior
RP02 Grades 3-5 Robotics: Coding with Wonder Bots
RP03 Grades 3-5 Robotics: Coding with Ozobots

STEAM: Photography & Code

STEAM: Photography & Code

Are you artistic or creative? In this camp, learn the ins and outs of a digital camera and how to take thoughtful, interesting photos! Engage in hands-on activities, outdoor excursions and collaborative photoshoots. Learn and practice tips and techniques for shooting and editing your photos with Picasa, creating a unique digital portfolio you can share with others.
DP01 Ages 8-11 Intro to Digital Photography
DP02 Ages 11-14 Digital Photography & Portfolios

Game Design 101

Game Design 101

In this Website class, students are empowered to understand the inner workings of the internet while they create and share content on their own web pages. Students will begin to see themselves as programmers and designers, merging their creativity with computer science.

WD01 Ages 9-11 Intro to Website Design
WD02 Ages 11-14, Intro to Website Design, HTML & CSS

Make Games with Python

Make Games with Python

Do you enjoy math, playing games or solving problems? Do you like coding or have wanted to try it out? Then this course is for you. In Learn to Code with Python, students learn how to use Python’s fun and easy programming language to create quizzes, guessing games, animation and basic arcade games. Students will walk away with a fundamental understanding of how to build their own game programs from scratch with a real programming language.

PY01 Ages 11-14 Make Games with Python Camp