Coding Summer Camps in North Bend and Snoqualmie, Washington

Snoqualmie kids have a good time while they learn STEM skills at TechVenture summer coding camps! Our summer camps include hands-on projects that help develop critical thinking and technology skills.

Kids may create games, program robots, or even try their hand at inventing. Girls and boys laugh and play. Best of all, they gain confidence as they meet challenges. Kids love the adventure of learning about technology!

Camps held at Snoqualmie Ridge YMCA and Si View Community Center.

Summer Camp enrollment is OPEN!

TechVenture’s STEM summer programs like Code Camp introduce the following skills:

  • Kids practice problem-solving and collaboration in a lively environment.
  • Kids develop hands-on coding, engineering, and tech skills.
  • Kids form friendships and lasting memories!
  • Kids express their creativity as they complete real-world projects.

We offer Summer STEM programs in the Issaquah area for kids ages 5 to 11. See the individual camp descriptions for details.

TechVenture’s STEM Summer Camps in North Bend and Snoqualmie (YMCA):

  • Code Camp: Games and Robots (Ages: 8-11, beginner – advanced)
  • Tech Mash-Up (GG): Games and Gadgets (Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate)

See our individual listings for the details about each camp.

Code Camp: Games and Robots

Ages: 8-11, beginner – advanced

TechVenture’s Games and Robots code camp is a mash-up of programming digital games and robots! How cool is that? Students practice computer programming with MIT’s Scratch and Wonder’s Robots. They learn to design and program a classic top-down or platform game, combined with programming robot challenges like guessing a secret code and a launcher competition. While collaborating with partners, students develop skills in reasoning, math, and problem-solving. They gain confidence as they solve coding challenges. Also, unplugged activities keep kid’s bodies and minds engaged.

Tech Mash-up (GG): Games and Gadgets

Ages: 8-11, beginner-intermediate

TechVenture’s Games and Gadgets Mash-up technology sampler combines Scratch game coding & building electronic gadgets with Little Bits. Kids learn to code and invent using visual coding blocks from STEM innovators like MIT, creator of Scratch, a program where kids create stories, animations, and games. Little Bits provides a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks making it fun for kids to create and control electronic gizmos. They engineer circuits to work with motors, lights, and sensors creating cool gadgets like an art bot, bubble flute,  stomping shoes, whatever they imagine. When combined, these programs uniquely exercise kids’ creativity and critical thinking.