Coding Summer Camps in Seattle, Washington

At TechVenture summer camps, Seattle kids learn valuable skills and they have fun! Our program includes hands-on, creative projects using STEM and critical thinking skills.

Kids may test their own Minecraft Mods, program a robot to navigate a maze, or build a circuit to create a self-driving vehicle. Girls and boys laugh, play, and have fun. Best of all, they gain confidence in their abilities as they meet challenges. It is an amazing way to explore and begin to master the ever-growing world of technology!

Camps held at The Grocery and Meeples Games.

Seattle Summer Camp enrollment is OPEN!

TechVenture’s STEM summer programs like Code Camp practice these skills:

  • Kids practice teamwork and problem-solving in a fun, collaborative environment.
  • Kids develop hands-on coding, engineering, and tech skills.
  • Kids meet new friends and form lasting memories!

TechVenture’s STEM Summer Camps in Seattle include:

  • Minecraft Mash-Up: Mods and Circuits (Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate)
  • Code Camp: Games and Robots (Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate)

See our individual listings for the details about each camp.

Code Camp: Games and Robots

Ages: 8-11, beginner – advanced

TechVenture’s Games and Robots code camp is a mash-up of programming digital games and robots! How cool is that? Students practice computer programming with MIT’s Scratch and Wonder’s Robots. They learn to design and program a classic top-down or platform game, combined with programming robot challenges like guessing a secret code and a launcher competition. While collaborating with partners, students develop skills in reasoning, math, and problem-solving. They gain confidence as they solve coding challenges. Also, unplugged activities keep kid’s bodies and minds engaged.

Minecraft Mash-Up: Mods and Circuits

Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate

Does your child love to play Minecraft? At TechVenture’s Minecraft Mashup summer camp, kids take it a step further, learning how to program Mods and build electronics in a Minecraft world. We use the Learn to Mod’s coding platform which teaches students through engaging tutorials and an easy-­to­-use coding interface. Students are able to mod every aspect of Minecraft, while learning a valuable lifelong skill: coding. Those who are ready can peek under the covers to try JavaScript coding. To learn more about how and why computers work, we use Piper computer kits where students learn how to assemble electronics to solve puzzles and challenges within a Minecraft adventure map.