Coding Summer Camps in Redmond, Washington

At TechVenture summer camps, Redmond kids learn valuable skills and they have fun! Our program includes hands-on, creative projects using STEM and critical thinking skills.

Kids may test their own Minecraft Mods, program a robot to navigate a maze, or build a circuit to create a self-driving vehicle. Girls and boys laugh, play, and have fun. Best of all, they gain confidence as they meet challenges. It is an amazing way to explore the ever-growing world of technology!

Camps held at Old Redmond School House and Audubon Elementary.

Summer Camp enrollment is OPEN!

TechVenture’s STEM summer programs like Code Camp introduce the following skills:

  • Kids practice teamwork and problem-solving in a fun, collaborative environment.
  • Kids develop hands-on coding, engineering, and tech skills.
  • Kids meet new friends and form lasting memories!

We offer five different Summer STEM programs in the Redmond area for kids ages 8 to 14. Choices include robotics, game development, animation, and coding.

TechVenture’s STEM Summer Camps in Redmond include:

  • Code Camp: Games and Robots (Ages: 8-11, beginner – advanced)
  • Code Minecraft Mods (Ages: 8-14, beginner – intermediate)
  • Tech Art Mash-Up: Animate and Invent (Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate)
  • Bits and Bots Camp (Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate)
  • Tech Mash-Up: Python and Inventions (Ages:11-14, beginner – intermediate)

See our individual listings for the details about each camp.

Code Camp: Games and Robots

Ages: 8-11, beginner – advanced

TechVenture’s Games and Robots code camp is a mash-up of programming digital games and robots! How cool is that? Students practice computer programming with MIT’s Scratch and Wonder’s Robots. They learn to design and program a classic top-down or platform game, combined with programming robot challenges like guessing a secret code and a launcher competition. While collaborating with partners, students develop skills in reasoning, math, and problem-solving. They gain confidence as they solve coding challenges. Also, unplugged activities keep kid’s bodies and minds engaged.

Code Minecraft Mods: Level 1 & 2

Ages: 8-14, beginner-intermediate

Do you love to play Minecraft? Interested in learning how to change it, to mod it? In this camp, you will get to do just that and more, learning coding concepts that give you the power to create new ideas and implement them in your very own world. Our programming environment of choice: Learn To Mod. It’s an online environment developed by ThoughtSTEM and it’s powerful! Students learn to create MODs using visual programming blocks that convert to Javascript. This Javascript MOD enables them to extend Minecraft more easily. And when kids see what they can do quickly, they are excited and want to learn more.

Already completed one session of our Code Minecraft Mods? Join us again for Level 2 where students code more complex mods..

Tech Art Mash-Up: Animate and Invent

Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate

TechVenture’s Mash-up of animations and inventions is an exciting technology sampler that combines the building block platforms of STEM innovators MIT and Little Bits. MIT’s Scratch is a program where kids create amazing stories, animations, and games. Little Bits’ building kits provide an engaging way for kids to create electronic gizmos with motors, lights, and sensor such as dancing signs or an art bot. When combined, these tech-art programs exercise kids’ creativity in a unique way that is sure to keep the most curious minds engaged.

Bits and Bots Camp

Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate

Does your son or daughter have the imagination of an inventor? TechVenture’s Bits and Bots Camp combines the joy of inventing through Little Bits and the thrill of coding robots with Wonder Bots! Kids gain hands-on experience coding a real robot. Their robot may perform  activities like navigating mazes or responding to a secret code challenge. The Little Bits platform provides simple electronic building blocks kids use to create inventions like self-driving vehicles, a throwing arm and more. Bits and Bots summer camp teaches kids valuable life skills. Boys and girls make lasting memories during our summer program.

Tech Mash-Up: Python and Invent

Ages: 11-14, beginner

Enjoy playing games or solving problems?  In this Tech Mashup for Middle School students, we combine Python programming and electronics for curious minds to create and invent. Students learn how to use Python’s fun and easy programming language to create quizzes, guessing games, and basic arcade games. We then add in hands-on tinkering time with Little Bits electronics kits to build self-driving vehicles, throwing arms and other inventions. Prior programming experience using block platform or text-based languages is highly recommended.