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Coding Summer Camps in Redmond, Washington

At TechVenture summer camps, Redmond kids learn valuable skills and have fun! Our program includes hands-on, creative projects using STEM and critical thinking skills.

Kids may test their own Minecraft Mods, program a robot to navigate a maze, or code a circuit to play rock-paper-scissors! Girls and boys play, learn, and have fun. Best of all, they gain confidence as they meet challenges. It is an amazing way to explore the ever-growing world of technology!

All our City of Redmond STEM Camps run from 9am-12pm, Monday thru Friday. They are held at the NEW Redmond Community Center at Marymoor Village and Redmond Old Firehouse Teen Center.

Summer Camp enrollment is open! See below for details and summer camp weeks.

TechVenture’s STEM summer programs like Code Camp introduce the following skills:

  • Kids practice teamwork and problem-solving in a fun, collaborative environment.
  • Kids develop 21st century STEM skills
  • Experience hands-on coding and engineering
  • Kids meet new friends and form lasting memories!

We offer six different Summer STEM programs in the Redmond area for kids ages 8 to 14. Choices include robotics, game development, animation, and coding.

TechVenture’s STEM Summer Camps in Redmond include:

  • Code Camp: Games and Robots (Ages: 8-11, beginner – advanced)
  • Code Camp Jr (Ages: 5-7, beginner-intermediate)
  • Minecraft Mashup (Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate)
  • Digital Photography (Ages: 9-11, beginner-intermediate)
  • Game Coding w/Javascript (Ages: 10-13, beginner-intermediate)
  • Code Camp: Python Starter (Ages:10-13, beginner-intermediate)

See our individual listings for the details about each camp.

Code Camp: Games and Robots

Ages: 8-11, beginner – advanced

TechVenture’s Games and Robots code camp is a mash-up of digital games and robotics. Campers use MIT’s Scratch and Wonder’s Dash Robots to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. They participate in the Robot Tossing Competition and other fun projects. While collaborating with partners, campers develop math, and problem-solving skills. They gain confidence in their understanding of computer science through game design and play. Unplugged activities keep campers bodies moving and minds engaged.

Camp Weeks: June 25-29, Aug 13-17

Note:  For a fun week of girl-inspired projects and learning, we offer a GIRLS Code Camp the week of July 23rd.

Code Camp Jr: Animations and Robots

Ages: 5-7, beginner – advanced

Does your kid love robots or animations? TechVenture’s Animations and Robots Code Camp Jr. provides younger children with an introduction to technology. Children work with a partner to complete hands-on projects using computer tablets. They develop age-appropriate math and problem-solving skills. Girls and boys love writing code to control their environment. Don’t worry, kids don’t spend the whole time plugged in. Unplugged activities get kid’s bodies moving too.

Camp Week: July 9-13

Minecraft Mash-Up: MODs and Circuits

Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate

Does your kid play Minecraft? At TechVenture’s Minecraft Mashup summer camp, kids take it a step further with circuit-building, music making, coding, & more! Using Piper computer kits, kids collaborate with hands-on tinkering, construction, and discovery. Learning to assemble electronics to build a functioning computer, is even more fun and challenging  when there are puzzles to  solve and challenges to conquer within a Minecraft adventure map!

Camp Week: July 23-27, Aug 20-24

Minecraft Mash-Up: Code & Invent

Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate

Do you enjoy playing and building in Minecraft? Tinkering or creating things, in the real or virtual world? In this TechVenture camp, kids learn the basics of coding Mods in a Minecraft world; and practice hands-on tinkering with circuits to build simple inventions. How cool is that? Students take their ideas from concept to design to results, exercising their minds in critical thinking and problem solving. This camp combines the thrilling world of engineering with the challenge of writing code! Taken a Minecraft Mash-up camp with us before?  Never fear – there’s lots more to learn. Our coding coaches evaluate students on the first day of camp to ensure they are progressing on their learning path of computer science. Sign up again for this camp to experience new coding challenges.

Camp Week: Aug 6-10, Aug 20-24, Aug 27-Aug 31

Digital Photography: Shoot and Share

Ages: 8-11, beginner – intermediate

Does your child have an artistic eye? TechVenture’s Digital Photography Camp provides an exciting mix of arts and STEM. Kids learn to take great photos and use them to tell a story. This project-based camp features outdoor excursions, collaborative photo shoots, and hands-on editing projects. Campers learn to shoot and edit digital photographs and build a unique digital portfolio they can share.

Camp Week: July 16-20, July 30-Aug 3

Game Coding w/Javascript

Ages: 10-13, beginner – intermediate

Love to play games? Level up to coding games! In this game coding camp, students learn the basics of JavaScript while creating classic platformer games. Javascript is known as the programming language of the Internet, the secret sauce to making websites interactive and it is a fun starter language to learn! We also add in hands-on tinkering time with a hand-held electronics kit to build and program simple inventions. Prior programming experience using block platform or text-based languages is helpful, but not required. Our TechVenture coaches guide students at any skill level.

Camp Week: Aug 6-10

Code Camp Teen: Python Starter

Ages: 10-13, beginner – intermediate

Enjoy playing games or solving problems?  In this Python starter camp, TechVenture combines Python programming and electronics for curious minds to code and make. Students learn how to use Python’s fun and easy programming language to create quizzes, guessing games, and basic arcade games. We then add in hands-on building time with the Micro:bit electronics kit to build and program simple inventions. Prior programming experience using block platform or text-based languages is helpful, but not required. Our coaches guide students at any skill level.

Camp Week: July 30 – Aug 3