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Enroll My Kids in Code Camps or Sports Camps – Why Not Both?

There is a belief that kids are either sports kids or computer kids. Parents tend to stick staunchly to one group or the other. But I ask…why not both sports camps and code camps? As a parent of two, I let my kids choose their summer camps. But I add one rule: you must also try a technology enrichment camp. Today’s world is dominated by technology. I want them to have the skills to not only survive their future but be a part of creating the future. With the myriad of summer sports and code camps for kids, it’s the perfect time for your kids to explore new interests and hobbies.

For kids who spend more time indoors, a sports camp is a great way for them to do something physical outdoors. And kids who love team sports enjoy collaborating with others in a summer code camp. As you can see, the reasons parents often align themselves with one camp or the other are the similar. Summer sports camps and code camps for kids and teenagers both teach skills that will last far after summer camp is over.

Both Encourage Social Development

Parents involve their kids in extracurricular activities to help them develop socially. The good news is that team sports and coding classes encourage social development. As kids learn to master new skills, they will develop confidence and build their self-esteem.  As this occurs, they will feel more comfortable around their peers.

Both Build Teamwork

While it is obvious that teamwork is a major component of sports camps, it may surprise you to learn that coding camps also emphasize collaboration. In code camps kids must work as a team to problem-solve.

Both Improve Cognitive Skills

Playing sports or learning how to code both improve cognitive skills. For instance, it is known that kids with computer science skills do well academically – especially as technology becomes a driving force in education. But, this is also because learning computer skills includes problem-solving, critical thinking, logic, and analytical thinking. These skills help students do well in other academic classes and on standardized tests.

However, it is not just the kids taking computer classes that do well in school. According to the Aspen Institute, “physical activity, in general, is associated with improved academic achievement, including grades and standardized test scores. Further, such activity can affect attitudes and academic behavior, including enhanced concentration, attention, and improved classroom behavior.”

Both Benefit Females

Another unfortunate belief is that both sports and computer coding are more geared towards the male gender. This is far from the truth! In actuality, both sports camps and coding camps offer tremendous benefits for young women. As girls are introduced to coding through programs like Girls Who Code and Girl Scouts STEM activities, more girls are embracing technology and making space for themselves in computer-driven industries. Additionally, girls who participate in team sports see benefits throughout their lives. For instance, the Aspen Institute reports, “A survey of 400 female corporate executives found 94% played a sport and that 61% say sports contributed to their career success.”

Code Camps and Sports Camps

So, why not take advantage of the extra time out of school and let your kids try both? They may discover they love a new sport or they want to spend more time learning how technology works by learning to code games, tinkering with circuits or programming robots. Learning something new – there’s nothing more fun than that!

Wondering where to find a summer code camp? Check out your local YMCA, community center or simply search for code camps online. STEM and coding camps offered each year is increasing, and that’s good for everyone.

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