“Kids who understand code are at the highest level of literacy in the 21st century”

– Mario Armstrong

SCHOOL CODE CLUBS – Winter Enrollment

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Alcott Elementary- Let’s code Minecraft MODs!
Beaver Lake Middle – Code Club: Beyond the Basics
Cougar Ridge Elementary – Dash ROBOT Code Club
Discovery Elementary – Dash ROBOT Code Club
Fall City Elementary- Let’s code Minecraft MODs!
McAuliffe Elementary – SCRATCH Code Club
Mead Elementary- SCRATCH Code Club (YMCA)
Rachel Carson Elementary- SCRATCH Code Club
Sunny Hills Elementary- SCRATCH Code Club

Scratch is so cool!  You can make things just the way you want them.

Sam W. age 8

Tech Education for Kids & Teens

TechVenture Kids inspires our youth through engaging, hands-on projects and challenges designed to inspire kids to become Tech Smart and drivers of their Digital Future. Students gain an edge in STEM while learning to create and program (code) games, gadgets, robots and more!

Curious how a MOD is made? Learn and practice fundamental coding concepts using Learn to Mod, a platform designed to teach students at multiple skill levels using blockly and javascript. Solve programming puzzles and challenges; create your own basic MOD programs, and play-test them in a Minecraft world.

Year Round

Do you like to play games or watch animations? Want to create your own? Using Scratch, learn to design and program your own ideas and creations into digital life, exercising skills in reasoning, math, digital art, and problem-solving. Our classes focus on animations and game design, with the added bonus of circuit boards in camps.

Year Round

Wonder how a computer works? Learn the basics of computing devices using Piper, a computer kit that teaches engineering. Build a real computer from 100+ parts and an engineering diagram, play a series of adventure maps and assemble your own electronics to solve in-game puzzles and challenges.

Year Round

Kids learn through play. In this class, we combine a real robot with coding to ignite children’s imagination, building confidence in how they look at the world and approach problems. Using Make Wonder’s Dash and Dot robots, students learn to program their robotics to do anything they imagine, from delivering a message, creating a dance party, navigating an obstacle course, and more.

Year Round

Are you artistic or creative? Learn how to use a digital camera to its full potential, capturing thoughtful and interesting photos, and how to edit your photos, creating a unique digital portfolio.

Year Round

In our invention club, students use Little Bits electronic building blocks to tinker with different projects and engage in design challenges, problem solving and teamwork.

Year Round

Ready to program with a text-based language? Python is easy to learn and provides the building blocks to branch out into other languages. Have fun exploring the power of Python through programming quizzes, guessing games, animation and basic arcade games. In our camps, we extend learning to circuit boards such as the raspberry pi for more learning fun.

Summer Only

Want to create a website? Learn design skills for the digital world in this introductory camp to Website Design. Use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder to create a working website that brings attention to something you’re excited about.

Summer Only


  1. Students engage in short flexible projects, with lots of choice and challenges, giving them a chance to enjoy self-directed learning, and accomodate all levels.
  2. Instructors discuss computer concepts through demonstrations, class involvement, and unplugged activities
  3. We encourage a “club” atmosphere where students are encouraged to collaborate and learn from each other

  1. We keep our classes small with Instructor to Student Ratio at a maximum of 1:9, enabling more 1-on-1 time with students
  2. All classes are open to mixed ages and levels, encouraging students to be both learners and teachers
  3. Creating critical 21st century thinkers, our first question to a raised hand: “How did you try to solve the problem?”

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